Christmas Lights of the Week - Week 6This week’s Christmas Lights of the Week is located up in Mawson Lakes. Located at 7 Hamilton Place, this Disney and Pixar inspired light display is amazing. If you’re in the Mawson Lakes area, or you don’t mind a long drive for some spectacular Christmas lights, then certainly add this one to your list of must-see lights.

These are some of the reasons why we loved this Hamilton Lane Christmas Lights so much.

That Childhood Feeling

Two things that have a special place in a lot of people’s childhood are searching for Christmas lights and Disney. With the display of different Disney and Pixar characters, this captures both of those childhood favourites. You’ll see fan favourite characters such as Mickey Mouse, Olaf, Elsa and Joy, plus many more. You’ll even get to see Nemo and Dory swimming around. Not only will you get that nostalgic feeling, but the kids will love it too.

This display gives the perfect balance of Disney and Christmas, without one over-powering the other. This aspect of the display was our personal favourite.

The Christmas Light Design

Overall there are more than 14,500 lights in this display. Every single light has a special place that has been meticulously planned out to create the best possible light show. Each character cutout has been placed in the ideal spot for both lighting and to easily be seen, without making it look cluttered.

The sheer amount of effort put into planning this display out is astounding, and their hard work has definitely paid off.

The Sound

Tune your car into 94.3 FM when you arrive and you’ll be greeted with an array of Christmas, Disney and popular songs. The lights in the display have been programmed to give you an amazing light show synchronised to the music. This synchronised light show adds that extra special touch to an already amazing set of Christmas lights.

When you’re planning out your Christmas light viewing route this Christmas weekend, don’t forget to add this one your list. It’s the perfect display that the whole family will love.

We only have one more Christmas Lights of the Week post left and we want it to be an amazing one. If you know some truly fantastic Christmas lights that you want us to write about, then contact us! You can leave us a comment here, message us on Facebook, or send a message through our contact form.

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