This week we have something special for you.  Lights are starting to go up around Adelaide since the Christmas Pageant, but we had trouble finding another individual house worthy of the “Christmas Lights of the Week” title, so rather than just choose one house, we’ve chosen a whole suburb that has started to brighten up the Adelaide night.

While we are giving the Christmas Lights of the Week award to Sheidow Park as a whole this week, these three are the standouts!

15 Captain Place

The first house that really stood out was 15 Captain Place in Sheidow Park. This two-storey spectacular will wow you with the sheer amount of lights it has, as well as the placement of them over the entire house.  The whole house is lit up with colour and Christmas decorations. It truly is a sight you’ll want to see.

3 Captain Place

Conveniently located on the same street as our first house, this is another one that will dazzle. As well as having lots of lights, the lay out of the lights is well thought out. Its obvious to see they took the placement and design of the lights seriously, and it makes for a spectacular display.

4 William Webb Drive

On the next street over from Captain Place you’ll find another set of glistening lights at 4 William Webb Drive. Like the last, this display is planned out to suit the design of the house.

If you’re in Sheidow Park, I recommend you stop by this one.

There were lots of smaller sets of Christmas lights around Sheidow Park that are also worth checking out. More and more are being put up as we near December as well. So next time you go out looking for Christnas lights, make sure you check out Sheidow Park.

Other Christmas Lights Around

If you find any other Christmas lights, either around Sheidow Park, or anywhere else in South Australia, make sure to let us know. We want to add as many lights to our Christmas Light and Event Map so make it the best ever.

Just leave us a comment here, or send us a message through our contact page about any lights you want added to the map.

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