Christmas Lights of the Week - Week 4Week 4 of our Christmas Lights of the Week was an easy choice for us. Over the weekend we attended the ‘Lights On’ night for the Christmas lights at 24 Skylark Close in Flagstaff Hill. The sheer amount of effort that has been put into creating this masterpiece is astounding.

From hand-made treasures to perfect design, this display that has been running for about 19 years, it is well-worth the trip to see. The owners of the house have a keen eye for what’s needed to take their displays up to the next level, and they’re talented enough to make a lot of it by hand as well.

There are a lot of reasons for you to add this house to your list of Christmas light displays to visit.  Below we’ve listed our favourite things at the display, and the reasons why we chose this house to be this weeks Christmas Lights of the Week.  We can’t wait for you to check this one out for yourselves though.

The Santa Window

As you wander through the front of this light display you’re led down some steps to the Santa window. This window has been set up superbly with Santa surrounded by toys, lights and Christmas things galore. It adds that extra special touch and it’s something that will amaze the kids even more. It truly is a nice display that brings the whole thing together and makes it really feel like Christmas.

A Hand-Crafted Delight

Throughout the front yard of this house there are a smorgasbord of giant cutouts and rope light designs.  Not only have they put the effort into setting the display up every year, they have also gone to the extraordinary effort of hand-crafting a lot of the pieces, which makes it that little bit more magical, and unique.

So if you’re looking for a great Christmas light display to visit and you’re near Flagstaff Hill, we highly recommend the Christmas lights on Skylark Close in Flagstaff Hill.  If you’re not close to Flagstaff Hill, Skylark Close is worth the trip.  The designs, crafting and placement are amazing and the kids will love the Santa window.  It’s an amazing display that you’ll have to check out for yourself.

When is it on?

The Skylark Close Christmas Lights officially turned on on the 2nd of December, and will be on every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8PM to 10PM until Christmas.

If you have any other lights you’d like to recommend to us for Christmas Lights of the Week, then let us know. Or if you’d just like us to add your events and Christmas lights to our map, don’t hesitate to send us a message. You can leave us a comment here or send through a message from our contact page.

Don’t forget to check out the Official Explore Adelaide Christmas Lights and Event Map to see what is going on around you.

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