Deep Creek Conservation Park is a natural gem that just keeps on giving. Situated 108 kilometres south of the city on the Fleurieu Peninsula, within Deep Creek Conservation Park is the Deep Creek Waterfall Hike. With the starting point at Trig Campground, this 4 kilometre walk will certainly get your heart pumping.

Over the course of this post, we’ll give you some information about this hike, as well as some pretty spectacular photos.

The Hike

The Waterfall Hike begins at the entrance to Trig Campground in the Deep Creek Conservation Park. It begins with fairly flat and easy terrain. This soon turns to a steep track with some pretty big stairs.

The track itself is roughly 4 kilometres return, though the hardest part of this walk is climbing back up the stairs after you’ve made it down to the breath-taking Waterfall. While it isn’t necessary to have a higher level of fitness, the ascent back up from the waterfall may be a bit difficult for those with a lower level of fitness.

There is a car park located just inside the entrance to Trip Campground where you can park while you hike, without bothering any of the campers within the camping site.

The Views

When you first start the Waterfall Hike, you’ll get some pretty amazing views of Deep Creek Conservation Park, right out to the coast. The distance you can see from atop this trail is truly spectacular.

Once you make your way down to the waterfall, you’ll then get to experience the wonderful view of the rushing waterfall. Nestled amongst the native vegetation this waterfall is quite a beautiful sight to behold. Just keep in mind that at particular times of the year when it is a bit hotter, the waterfall may not be flowing, but the waterhole at the bottom will still be filled.

What to Bring?

This can be a bit of a steep and difficult walk, so sturdy shoes and water are a must. If the weather is a bit on the hot side, a hat and sunscreen would also be ideal to bring with you.

As with all walks, remember to tell someone before you leave, take all rubbish with you, and don’t remove any native vegetation from the park.

What Else Can I do Here?

The Waterfall Hike is located within Deep Creek Conservation Park, so this gives you lots of other opportunities of things to do. The Trig Campground is located at the top of this hike, so why not have the whole family camp out together while you’re already down there.

Deep Creek is filled to the brim with walking trails, native wildlife and vegetation, camping sites, and some amazing beaches. You could easily spend several days down there and still not see everything this natural wonder has to offer.

Deep Creek Conservation Park also preserves the biggest portion of remnant native vegetation in the whole of the Fleurieu Peninsula.  So if you’re looking for a bit of a fitness challenge, or you’d just like to see one of the best national parks South Australia has to offer, we highly recommend the Waterfall Hike at Deep Creek Conservation Park. We’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do.

If you have another natural wonder or walking track that you think we should try, let us know! We’re always on the lookout for some amazing new places to visit. You can contact us on here, or via our Facebook page.

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