When it’s too cold for the beach but you’d still like a swim, then a swimming centre is usually the best option. 81 kilometres from Adelaide CBD in Victor Harbor is an exceptional facility for all sorts of swimming, relaxing, playing and exercise. The Fleurieu Aquatic Centre opened in March 2017, and is a perfect addition to the already wonderful Victor Harbor.

The Explore Adelaide team has been here many times now, and here are a few reasons why we keep coming back.

The Swimming

While the Fleurieu Aquatic Centre is not the biggest centre, there is still plenty of room to cater for the numbers that visit. Each pool is kept meticulously clean and the centre is well maintained.

There are a variety of pools to suit your needs as well. There are shallow pools for the kids, deeper lap pools for seasoned swimmers and a hydrotherapy pool.

The Fleurieu Aquatic Centre caters to all types of swimming, making it suitable for pretty much everyone.

The Splash Park

As well as kids pools, there are also different types of water equipment to keep the kids entertained. Inside there are water cannons and tipping buckets for the kids to use or play under.

Outside there are lots of fountains, water sprayers and a playground, with a nature play river. It’s safe to say the kids will be happy to play all day, and maybe even the adults too.

The Gym

If you’re looking to do a little more than swimming then you might like to try the gym out. By getting an all-access pass, or having a centre membership you’ll be able to access all sorts of exercise equipment.

There are also a range of group fitness classes you can attend to get your heart pumping. The group fitness classes are available with centre membership or an all-access pass as well.

Relaxing and Repairing

Sometimes you just need to relax and soothe those aching muscles. Perhaps you have an injury you need to work on fixing. The hydrotherapy area at the Fleurieu Aquatic Centre is a good spot to do just these things.

The pool is heated to the optimum temperature for your hydrotherapy needs. Part of the pool is sectioned off and filled with water jets for a relaxing spa experience.

However it is not recommended for children under 16 to be in this area unless they have a therapy need.

How About a Picnic?

The area surrounding the Fleurieu is full of lush green grass and a picnic area. It is the perfect spot to have a picnic lunch after the family has been in for a relaxing swim. There are public barbecues and tables available as well if you prefer to cook something instead.

There is also a grassy area near the playground and splash park if you wish to have your lunch within the centre fences. Both spots are ideal for a lunch break.

So the next time you’re looking for a spot to cool off consider the Fleurieu Aquatic Centre. It’s a great place to visit and we’re sure you’ll love it too.

If you have another place on the Fleurieu Peninsula you think we should check then let us know! We’d love to hear about it. Just send us a message or leave us a comment here.

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