Over the weekend the Explore Adelaide team went to another one of our favourite beaches. We’ve been to a lot of beaches in South Australia, and we can safely say Horseshoe Bay is one of the best. Whether you’re a keen swimmer, looking for a spot to take the family or on the look out for some marine life, you’ll want to check out Horseshoe Bay.

Over the course of this post, we’ll go over some of the best things we’ve found about this beach, and why you should try it to.

The Marine Life

Horseshoe BayWe’ll start off with one of our personal favourites. Any beach you go to you’ll usually find fish swimming around with the possibility of a crab or two. On our trip last weekend we saw multiple schools of fish, dozens of crabs and even a pod of dolphins.

At certain times of the year, around Horsheshoe Bay and other beaches in the area, you’ll also get to witness the majestic displays of passing whales. So why not bring your binoculars out for a bit of whale watching

What is there to do at Horseshoe Bay?

There are so many things to do while you’re down at the beach. The usual beach activities such as swimming and building sand castles are obvious choices. There is a track near the beach you can walk along to explore, and learn more about the local history. You could try swimming out to the pontoon to relax in the middle of the bay.

At the top of the beach there is a playground, grassy area, and public barbecue. There is plenty of room for the whole family to sit down for lunch, or run around. If you’d rather spend time in the water instead of manning the BBQ, the Flying Fish Cafe is less than fifty metres from the shore.

The opportunities for relaxation and fun are endless.

The Location

Horseshoe Bay is located on the Fleurieu Peninsula, just on the edge of Port Elliot. It is a bit of a long drive if you live near the city or north of the city, but it is well worth it.

Driving to Horseshoe Bay from the city is an 82 kilometre trip, and takes about an hour and twenty minutes. If you find the drive is a bit long for a day trip, why not head down for the whole weekend and stay at some accommodation nearby? Port Elliot, Victor Harbor and Middleton all have lovely accommodation options.

What Else is Around?

As we mentioned above, Horseshoe Bay is home to a lovely restaurant as well. The Flying Fish Cafe is located pretty much on the beach and serves a range of items. Whether you’re looking for an ice cream to cool you down or fish and chips to eat on the beach, the Flying Fish Cafe has you covered.

Not too far away you’ll also find the beloved, award-winning Port Elliot Bakery. Filled to the brim with delicious cakes and mouth-watering pastries, you wont want to miss it. It’s treasured by the locals and after we went there, we can definitely see why.

If you’re looking for something more substantial for dinner, then give the Royal Family Hotel a shot. Located on North Terrace in Port Elliot, you’ll find reasonably priced meals, drinks and even accommodation.

Beach and Sun Safety

The most important thing to remember while you’re at the beach is  beach and sun safety.

Learn more at www.beachsafe.org.au

So next time you’re in the area, or looking for a great place for an adventure, pack up the car and head to Horseshoe Bay. It’s a great place to cool down, relax and play.

If you know of any other beaches you’d like us to check out, let us know. We love to hear about your favourites too!


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