Situated at the heart of Hawthorndene is a cosy cafe which has been a favourite for lunch dates since the 1920s . Joan’s Pantry is a delightful cafe filled to the brim with fresh produce and coffee. The food is amazing and the location makes it an ideal spot to stop if you have kids. It is approximately a 15 minute drive from the Adelaide CBD, yet you wouldn’t know it with all the thriving vegetation surrounding you.

We hope you keep reading, because we’re about to go over some of our favourite things about Joan’s Pantry.

Location of Joan’s Pantry

Joan’s Pantry is located at 7 Watahuna Drive in Hawthorndene. Just a short walk from Apex Park, and across the road from the oval. It’s just a short drive from Blackwood or Belair, and while it feels like a small country town, Joan’s Pantry is only 15 minutes from the Adelaide CBD. Along your drive there you’ll find lots of trees and country scenery while also being close to some busy places. You might even spot a koala on the way there.

History: Almost 100 Years Of It

Joan’s Pantry was established in the 1920s.  Being located opposite the Hawthorndene oval made it the prime location for cricketers playing on the oval to get refreshments.  In the past 90 years since Joan’s Pantry was first opened, the surrounding community has changed, but Joan’s Pantry have stayed true to their values, and spirit of the people and patrons.


The menu at Joan’s Pantry is extensive and delicious. They use as much local produce as possible, and will go to great lengths to cater to any food allergies and requests. At our last visit we tried a variety of things off the menu, but the one that stood out the most for us was the house-made lemonade. The perfect combination of sweet and tangy, this delicious drink embodies all the effort the team go to at Joan’s Pantry, to only bring you the best. Next time you’re trying out this cafe, we highly recommend you try it.

Community Garden

At the back of the cafe is a community garden. Customers are welcome to wander through the garden to see all the hard work of those involved in caring for it. The community garden has a number of things growing. Anything from herbs to fruit trees and plenty of raised garden beds full of fresh vegetables. If you’d like to get involved in the community garden, memberships are available and get-togethers happen on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month. So head on down to Joan’s Patch Community garden at Joan’s Pantry if you’d love to be involved.

Opening Hours

Joan’s Pantry is open 7 days a week, except for public holidays. On Fridays the cafe opens at 8:30am and stays open until 10pm that night for you to enjoy a delightful dinner. All other days the cafe is open at 8:30am to 4pm for breakfast and lunch. If you’re looking for a venue for a private function, the cafe can cater to functions on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays in the evenings.


If you want to make your next family function a great one, then get into contact with the team at Joan’s Pantry. It is available for hire on Thursdays and Sundays from 5:30pm until 10pm. or Saturdays from 5:30pm to 11pm. Whether you plan on having a small intimate function or a large family bash, Joan’s Pantry can tailor your function to suit your needs and cater to your guests the best they can.

What Else is Around?

Joan’s Pantry is conveniently located next door to Hawthorndene’s Apex Park. It’s a great place to take the kids after you’ve indulged in a delicious lunch. If your kids would prefer a bigger space to play, the oval is directly across the road. Both spots are ideal places to relax, for kids to play and for you to sip at your fresh brewed coffee.

If you’re looking for something else to do close by, Belair National Park is just a short drive away. The park has a large playground, tennis courts, walking tracks and a native plant nursery. It’s such a beautiful location to visit and a fun place for the kids to explore.

So next time you’re coming home from the Adelaide Hills or if you’re looking for a great new place to have a coffee, give Joan’s Pantry a shot. The delicious food and coffee make it a worthwhile trip.

If you have anywhere else you’d like us to try, let us know! We love to hear about your favourite cafes and restaurants and we also love to try something new. So leave us a comment or send us a message through our contact form.

Joan’s Pantry

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