Only a short drive from the city, on the edge of the eastern suburbs you’ll find Morialta Conservation Park. The tracks throughout Morialta Conservation Park are suitable for people of all fitness levels and offer breathtaking views of Adelaide, and Morialta Gorge. With walks ranging from a relaxing stroll up to the the first falls, and hikes all the way up to third falls, you’re sure to find something right for you.

The Waterfalls

During spring and winter when Fourth creek is flowing, Morialta Conservation Park boasts three waterfalls, all accessible via hiking tracks throughout the park.  The first two waterfalls are the most spectacular with water cascading over the quartzite cliffs and splashing down into the lake below.  Third Falls don’t have as much of a drop, but still look amazing when Fourth Creek is flowing.

The Wildlife

Throughout the park there is an abundance of wildlife, from the banjo frogs in the creek to koalas high up in the gum trees.  Morialta Conservation Park is host to a variety of native habitats for a range of birds, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals.

If you look carefully while you’re walking through the park, you might even see a Tawny Frogmouth, one of our favourite birds!

As with all national parks, it is important to keep an eye out for snakes in the warmer months.


If you’re looking for a short walk that the family will love, look no further. Both walking tracks in Morialta conservation park are wheelchair and pram friendly, offering great views of the Morialta Gorge and local wildlife.

Fourth Creek Walk

This track will take you from the Morialta Nature Playground and picnic area, to the start of Morialta Gorge following Fourth Creek.  This is a great warm-up if you’re planning on going for a longer hike around the park.

Morialta Falls Valley Walk

The Morialta Falls Valley Walk is perfect if you’re pushing a pram or if you need a track that is accessible and want to go a little bit further.  This track will take you further up Fourth Creek, all the way to Morialta Falls.


There are a number of lookouts surrounding Morialta Gorge, all offering breathtaking views of Adelaide, the surrounding suburbs, and local wildlife.

Our favourites are the Deep View Lookout, and Kookaburra Rock.  Deep View lookout offers spectacular views of Fourth Creek right up to Morialta Falls, while Kookaburra Rock has an amazing view of the cliff face on the northern side of Morialta Gorge, and a peek at First and Second Falls.

Morialta Falls Plateau Hike

The plateau hike follows Fourth Creek before diverting off from the valley walk and taking you up to Eagles Nest Lookout, around to the top of Morialta Falls, past Kookaburra Rock, and down past Giants Cave as you descend back into the valley.

Second Falls Gorge Hike

Second Falls gorge hike zig-zags up the side of Rocky Hill, eventually taking you back down to Deep View Lookout which offers amazing views of Morialta Gorge.  Continuing from there the track will take you around past first falls and up past second falls following the Yurrebilla Trail.  On the way back down to the valley you will pass Kookabarra rock, giving you incredible views of the northern side of the gorge.

Three Falls Grand Hike

The three falls grand hike takes a shorter, but much steeper track up Rocky Hill before meeting with the second falls plateau hike at Deep View Lookout, and then following the Heysen Trail all the way up to Third Falls. The return trip follows the Yurrebilla Trail back to second falls, and then continues along second falls track back down past Kookaburra Rock, into the valley.

Deep View Lookout Hike

Deep view lookout hike is a short track which follows the Second Falls track up Rocky Hill to Deep View Lookout, and then back down the other side, following the start of the three falls grand hike.

Along this track you will have breathtaking views of the Adelaide plains all the way out to the northern suburbs.

Rock Climbing

Morialta Conservation Park is one of Adelaide’s most popular rock climbing destinations.  The park boasts a number of climbing areas with varying difficulty and amazing views.

Most of the climbing areas run along the southern side of Fourth Creek, with access from Norton Summit Road.

When Do I Visit?

While the park is open all year round (excluding catastrophic and extreme fire danger days), we think the best time of year to visit is in spring or winter when the waterfalls are flowing.

Some of the northern hiking tracks also have a variety of native orchids which are in bloom in the cooler months, which makes the walk that little bit more rewarding.

So, next time you’re looking for an adventure close to Adelaide, give Morialta Conservation Park a go. The views are sure to leave you in awe of this amazing park, and there’s something there for everybody.

If you would like to share your adventures at Morialta Conservation Park, leave a comment below.  If you know of any other amazing walking tracks send us a message here or on our Facebook page, we would love to hear from you.

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