A few days ago the Explore Adelaide team visited Adelaide’s best nature playground.  Despite being only 15KM from the Adelaide CBD, Morialta Nature Playground (Mukanthi Nature Play Space) is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and let the kids run around and create their own adventure.

We love Morialta nature playground, and we think you will too. We’ve gone over some of our favourite features of this playground below.

The Facilities

Morialta Nature Playground has everything you need for a full day of adventure. Whether you want to bring your kids, or your extended family, there’s enough room for everybody.

Looking for somewhere to host your next family function? Come down early and use one of the many free public barbecues throughout the park, set yourself up at a picnic table and relax while the kids explore.  If you’d prefer to prepare your lunch at home and bring a picnic, there’s are plenty of grassed areas to set up a picnic blanket.

The Playground

The playground is split into five main play areas with other activities, and lots of space to run around in-between.

Ngungana Wardli “Kookaburra’s Nest”

The Kookaburra’s Nest is play area consisting of 3 raised platforms, balancing ropes, a fireman pole, a slide, swings, and other natural obstacles.  This area is perfect for parents and younger explorers. There is plenty of room for mum and dad to help out little ones if needed.

Yultu Karta “Frog Island”

This amazing playground has been created using as much of the natural landscape as possible.  Frog Island is a perfect example of this.  The creek next to the playground has been transformed into an area where kids can explore, learn about their surroundings, and even gives them an opportunity to build a shelter from fallen branches and create a space of their own.

Ilya Wardli “Red Bellied Black Snake”

The Red Bellied Black Snake consists of a snake shaped tunnel, lots of places to climb, and a river bed with balancing logs.  Re-discover your sense of adventure as you run through the tunnel to the old tree stump which as been coiled by the giant red bellied black snake.

Wirltu Wardli “Eagle’s Nest”

As you arrive at the park you will see the Eagle’s Nest off in the distance.  This is one of our favourite features of the park. The giant eagles nest brings a sense of awe as you climb the rock retaining walls and scale the climbing structure all the way up to the slide, before sliding down to do it all again.

Kanyapurtu “Full of Rocks”

Looking for something a bit more dangerous? Full of Rocks is perfect for the younger thrill-seeker.  This area consists of 3 climbing structures, each bigger and more challenging than the last.

If you look carefully while you’re climbing, you might even find some of the old stone carvings.

The Wildlife

Being at the entrance of a National Park, it is not uncommon to hear the laugh of a kookaburra, or see a koala shaking the tree.  On our last adventure we saw two koalas, and an echidna.

What is your favourite park? Let us know in the comments below, send us a message, or contact us on our Facebook. We’d love to hear from you.

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