Situated just 92 kilometres south of Adelaide, is another gem of the Fleurieu Peninsula. Rated as one of Australia’s top 10 beaches, Second Valley boasts spectacular views, a rich history, and a paradise for holiday-goers and adventurers alike.

There is a lot to see and do while you’re down at Second Valley. Over the course of our post we’ll tell you about some of our favourites.

The Activities

Second Valley is a well known South Australian Snorkeling and diving destination due to the sheer beauty underwater, and the potential to see all sorts of amazing sea creatures. If you head down there yourself, make sure you keep an eye out for the leafy seadragon.

There are a few reefs located around Second Valley beach, the most popular being lasseters reef.  Lasseters reef is approximately 300 m north of the main beach. There are also a few smaller snorkeling spots west of the small island wharf.  Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries occasionally organise guided snorkeling events at and around Second Valley beach, making it easier to get out and explore the underwater wonderland of Second Valley .

If you’re not interested in swimming out to the fish, perhaps you’d like to catch them instead. Fishing from the jetty is another popular past-time at this beach.

The History

Second Valley has a busy history dating as far back as 1836. Colonel William Light made his way along the coast of South Australia looking for a good spot for the capital of the state. His first campsite on the South Australian mainland was the nearby Rapid Bay, which was named as such after Colonel Light’s ship “The Rapid”. Second Valley was the second stop, hence the name.

If you follow the path past the current jetty and over to the island wharf you’ll find remnants of and old winch, and informative plaques about the history of the area. While the old boat sheds have long been demolished, the robust fishing history of the beach remains.

What About a Holiday?

On your way down to the beach you will drive past Second Valley Caravan Park. It is the ideal place for an affordable, quiet getaway located within walking distance to the idyllic beach.

If you’re looking for somewhere more luxurious to stay, Leonard’s Mill is only a few minutes up the road, boasting an award winning restaurant, and accommodation.

Further up the road in Normanville and Carrickalinga there are beach houses available to rent for the weekend, or if you need a bit longer to unwind, book one out for the whole week.

If camping is more your thing, you could stay further down the Fleurieu Peninsula at Rapid Bay, or out at Deep Creek Conservation Park. There are a wide variety of camping sites down at Deep Creek. Stringybark Campsite is only a 17 minute drive away from Second Valley Beach, giving you the best of the beach and the bush all in one holiday.

What Else is Here?

Despite being a beautiful, and popular destination, Second Valley is quite small. The Caravan Park is located next to the beach, with a small shop and a playground also close by.

Aside from a few holiday homes and the Leonard’s Mill at the top of the road, there isn’t much else within Second Valley, making it the ideal quiet escape.

So the next time you’re looking for an underwater adventure, a relaxing holiday, or simply a beach trip, head down to Second Valley Beach. We’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do.

If you know of any other special places on the Fleurieu Peninsula, let us know! We’d love to hear about all your adventures there.

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